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Carrier-Grade NAT

Carrier-Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT)


The increased usage of wireless and Internet-enabled mobile smart devices has led to depletion of IPv4 addresses. One of the five RIRs (Regional Internet Registries) has run out of its available IPv4 allocations, and the others are expected to deplete their pools within a couple of years. Meanwhile, IPv6 adoption has not taken of as rapid as predicted. Service providers need a viable solution that will help them manage their IPv4 address depletion and increase their network optimization by migrating to IPv6 seamlessly. 


F5® BIG-IP Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT) offers a broad set of different tools that enables service providers to migrate to IPv6 seamlessly while continuing to support and interoperate with existing IPv4 devices and its content. BIG-IP CGNAT offers service providers advanced tunneling solutions with Dual-Stack Lite capabilities as well as native network address translation solutions, such as NAT44 and NAT64. BIG-IP CGNAT provides carrier-grade scalability. It offers a high number of IP address translations, very fast NAT translation setup rates, high throughput, and high-speed logging.

Carrier-Grade NAT IPV6 migration F5 Networks IPV4

Illustration: Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT) and IPv6 migration with F5 Networks

Business Benefits 

  • Optimize your network performance with carrier-grade performance and high scalability.

  • Ensure optimal, carrier-grade network high performance during IPv6 migrations. 

  • BIG-IP CGNAT is able to scale to tens of millions of IP address translations, translation setup rates in the order of a million per second, and tens of gigabits of performance. It further improves performance with high-speed logging (HSL) capabilities. HSL enables service providers to reduce spending as they can handle your migration needs with fewer servers in their networks. 

  • Reduce servers costs and management costs by achieving lower CapEx, OpEx, and reducing power and cooling costs by optimizing your existing network infrastructure and consolidating its core elements, including policy enforcement management, firewalling, TCP optimization, and intelligent traffic management with a unified, and easy to manage platform.

Manage your address depletion and IPv6 migration with flexible deployment options, by ensuring compatibility in the network between legacy IPv4 and new IPv6 devices and its content. Meanwhile service providers have multiple ways to manage IPv4 address depletion and IPv6 migration. BIG-IP CGNAT offers great flexibility. In this way, you can choose which migration strategy best fits your timeline. 

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