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Security for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) Use Case


Communication Service Providers (CSPs) have to ensure that customers can call successfully and can use their smartphone apps with reliable connectivity. Service providers should therefore be able to guarantee superior quality of the network without additional complexity and cost. Meanwhile, service providers struggle with explosive data growth while competition and pressure from industry require them to upgrade to 4G LTE. This transition is changing the landscape of threat and security dramatically.

The security landscape for Service Providers is drastically changing. This is because  the transition to 4G LTE service makes the delivery architecture flatter, more open, and IP-based. Thereby service providers are increasingly facing more complex, versatile, mixed and major attacks on subscribers and their services infrastructure. Service providers have to prevent malicious behavior, such as DoS attacks, botnets, identity theft and compromised systems attacking the network.

The traditional network firewalls neither offer the scalability, flexibility and intelligence, nor are they easy to manage. Threats are not only coming from the Internet; DDoS attacks from botnets, malware, and other sources are now coming from mobile devices. Because the threats now are bi-directional, the security solutions must also be able to provide bi-directional protection to the network infrastructure.


F5 Networkds provides a suite of dynamic, multi-layered security solutions that service providers can implement to protect the entire infrastructure with intelligence and flexibility under the most demanding conditions. Unlike competing products that only solve a small number of security vulnerabilities, F5 Networks security solutions rely on a unified platform and unrivaled capabilities that can address threats during the CSP infrastructure. As a result, these solutions help service providers to optimize and secure their network.

F5 platforms are certified firewall solutions that simplify network architecture to provide more flexibility for rapid response to new threats, and deliver carrier-grade performance and reliability. This universal platforms are implemented in the F5 Networks solutions that are intended to achieve different functions in core infrastructure of CSP's:

  • Packet Core (S / G) network

  • Messaging and signaling protocol security

  • Internet data center security

F5 Networks Security for Service Providers Content

Illustration: F5 Networks Security Solution for Service Providers

F5 Networks' solution is not a single product to provide this security architecture. Instead, the solution is provided by the combination of intelligent and scalable components inside the F5 Networks security portfolio: a unified platform with the following software components: F5 BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager (AFM), BIG-IP application Security Manager (ASM) BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager (GTM), BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) and the F5 Traffix Signaling Delivery Controller (SDC).

Business Benefits

F5 Networks security solutions provide several advantages for CSPs:

  • Simplify the architecture and operations: The F5 platform includes a range of security solutions for data and signaling networks as well as for the data center. This allows service providers to simplify their security architectures, with fewer products and suppliers.

  • Improve performance: F5 Networks products consolidate security functions into a unified, high-capacity platform that reduces the number of network hops and latency and delivers hardware-accelerated security performance.

  • Defend against volumetric attacks with unmatched scalability F5 Networks security solutions provide service providers with a highly scalable platform that superior throughput, connections per second, and concurrent sessions allows to protect high traffic environments against volumetric attacks.

  • Lower costs: The F5 Networks platform consolidates security in a unified framework to reduce CapEx and OpEx. In addition, the high scalability and capacity of the F5 Networks platform for a lower total cost of ownership because they reduce the overall device management time, costs and energy footprint.

  • Increase operational flexibility: Service Providers can respond to zero-day attacks and other threats from the iRules scripting language, without signature updates or new software upgrades.

  • Choose hardware or virtual editions: F5 Networks security services can be provided from dedicated hardware as well as software-based virtual editions. The combination provides pay-as-you-grow flexibility to adapt systems to the needs and budgets. F5 Networks also provides multi-tenancy Virtual Clustered Multiprocessing (vCMP) for resource sharing on machines and chassis.

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