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Managing Director

“A non-hierarchical, fast-paced organisation with people passionate about technology, where everyone has the opportunity to grow their career” - Erwin Hemmen, Managing Director at Infradata

How did you start your career at Infradata?

I joined Infradata for several reasons that are particularly important to me. Firstly, It’s a fast growing company that operates in many countries - the future potential is huge! Our solid Cyber Security and Cloud Networking proposition attracts leading companies from all over the world, which means working with international renowned clients, partners and suppliers.

Over the course of my career I've learned that happiness at work is not determined by scale, number of employees or turnover. It’s about developing new skills, having great colleagues and being part of a culture that breathes entrepreneurialism. Infradata is exactly that. A dynamic, non-hierarchical, fast-paced organisation with people passionate about technology, where everyone has the opportunity to grow their career.

What do you do as a Managing Director?

I’m responsible for the strategic and operational activities of Infradata in The Netherlands. I also optimise and develop new growth strategies. Infradata works with organisations that are shaping the future of Cyber Security and Networking. In the Service Provider segment for example, we work with companies such as T-Mobile, Liberty Global and Equinix. At the same time we work with well-known enterprises such as eBay, Tennet and many others. 

Just as important as the strategic agenda is my role in enabling our salesforce to become even more successful and manage our new business development. Last but not least, I am dedicated to helping our company to attract even more talented colleagues and making sure that Infradata remains a great place to work! I build new relationships with partners and businesses and I work closely with companies such as Juniper Networks, Palo Alto, F5 Networks, Crowdstrike, etc. Besides that we have developed carefully defined career paths and we continuously try to help people develop themselves to achieve their individual ambitions.

Why Infradata?

Infradata is a great place to work if you’re looking for an organisation that enables personal development, rewards success and truly helps to grow your career. I’ve seen colleagues shift from sales support to operations planning, or from senior account management to sales management, and I’ve seen engineers becoming pre-sales consultants. Infradata offers ambitious and results-driven people an opportunity to develop their entrepreneurial side!

To thrive at Infradata you need to be prepared to move outside of your comfort zone and face new challenges; even dive into the ‘unknown’ sometimes. If you’re up for that challenge, and if you feel comfortable in a speedy organisation, there are many growth opportunities for you here. Within Infradata I am also being challenged myself, by becoming responsible for the management of several key accounts for example, as well as for HR. These are exciting new challenges for me as I learn about different parts of the business, together with other colleagues from across our organisation.

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"Technology is important, but it’s our people who make the difference.”

Jorinke de Hek
Corporate Recruiter

"At Infradata you have to be pulled out of your comfort zone, prepared to be challenged and to dive into the ‘unknown’ sometimes. If you’re up for that challenge, and if you feel comfortable in a speedy organization, there are many growth opportunities for you here."

Our core values

We are a collective of unique individuals, each a master of their art. We are dedicated to shaping a future that is more integrated, secure and inspiring. We believe in doing things differently. Without compromise to excellence or limits on creativity. Our unique corporate culture is focused on devoted professionalism, strong teambuilding and creating an inspiring working environment.

PERFORMANCE: Always going the extra mile.

PASSION: Challenging the status quo.

FLEXIBILITY: Embracing change as the only constant.

PRAGMATIC: Simple and straightforward attitude.

OUT OF THE BOX: Thinking different than everybody else.

GROWTH: Continuous improvement and development.

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